Saturday, April 12, 2008

Link Updates

Howdies, the links section received a much needed update with various pages and reviews
folks have written about my work. If you have written about any of my work and would like your link added please let me know. My apologies to any folks whose page I may have missed.

KissTS-The Creative Process Borne on the Winds of Fate

Representative of my personal struggle with the creative process.
Progress moves towards the goals of creation.
Opposition stymies the creative act and thwarts Progress,
both are governed by the winds of fate/culture/society.
Intution stands as a linchpin in the eye of this internal storm,
binding it all together.

KissThe Sky -MoreAndLess

Positive space vs Negative space in an endless cycle.

KissTS-Data X Infinity

KissTS-Data X Infinity, originally uploaded by Sabine Stonebender.

Knowledge has no limits save the depth to which we can plunge into it and understand.