Monday, December 21, 2009

Zero Point ends soon it seems

Due to current financial burdens, my sponsor of the land at Zero Point in Kelham sim will no longer be able to continue any longer and will sell the land by the end of January. I have been offered to buy the land and try and go on myself but I am in no position to cover 125us tier, plus the land, plus Premium account status. So barring divine intervention the next 2-3 weeks mark the final chapter of the Zero Point installation. It's been a grand and long rides folks, thanks for stopping by, may we meet again in some other metaverse.

the ever blue unikitty
Sabine Stonebender

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Light at the end of the tunnel...

At long last, I have found gainful employment. The years after my accident in 2006 have been pretty bleak for job hunting so this is a huge step forward.
I will be teaching English as a second language full time in Second Life.
Sadly this means most of my energies will be focused towards this , but ill still continue with the planned new Zero Point exhibits as time allows.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Final version of my Horse figure sculpted for Second Life using Blender.
This is the end result of many hours of digital sculpting and is a spinoff of a private commission for Horse Valley.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


hippocampus_004, originally uploaded by Sabine Stonebender.

Blender sculpted Hippocampi statuary at Zero Point in Kelham


hippocampus_002, originally uploaded by Sabine Stonebender.

Blender sculpted Hippocampi statuary at Zero Point in Kelham

Hippocampus creations-Blender bearing Fruit at Last

Heyos, at long last my learning curve for Blender has begun to level out to a less than vertical curve. With the help of fellow Blender enthusiasts in Second Life I have finally gained enough mastery over the programs tool to bring the first of many constructs from the modeling window inworld to Secondlife.
I took a cue from my love of classical themes and modeled a hippocampus as both a standalone figure and as part of a fountain at Zero Points temple grounds.
The possibilities opened by this powerful tool have me tremendously excited.

Friday, June 05, 2009

SL6B-Here I come folks ;)

Looks like my plot has arrived and I will have a nice amount of prims to play with this year.I foresee having to step outside of my comfort zone this year as the builds already in place are very shiny and glowy. Something outside of my current style is called for , IF I can step outside myself;) cheers and see ya'll there when things get underway.No pics at the present time, sorry^^

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Current Affairs

Wonder of wonders, a build I was a major participant on the design/build team won the Linden Prize^^ Virtual Ability Island
So now I can say without lying I am an award winning designer/builder :D
At Zero Point a few things have changed. Dev I now sports a mystical exhibit in place of Broken Vista.I expanded my line of animated butterflies to 13 type with dragonflies coming soon. Recently it was my observation that in the furry avatar community noone was making fluffy tails for species such as skunks. So i filled that gap and have added a fluffy skunk tail and ears to my store.
Being a designer in Second Life has grown increasingly difficult as far as obtaining commission work.So to those reading, if you know of projects in need of a good designer/builder, by all means please let me know either here or inworld. Word of mouth still seems the most powerful means to find work there and I can only cast my line so far by myself. Thanks