Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Official derez date-January 25th

Zero Point will officially derezz and go bye on January 25th. I will leave the structures standing until the 24th at which time I will pick them up to at least save the originals as well as the backup copies I have made. All my new art work will be built for the time being at Aquitaine, hosted by Excaliber Studios.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Zero Point -old location officially closes

This Saturday January 9, 2010 marked the official close of Zero Point in it's location at Kelham.Great music was played jokes were told and folks had a good time for about 5 hours.All in all it was a fine send off.I will leave the builds there until the land is put up for auction and cleared out which is currently an unknown time/date.
So any persons wishing a last look around may do so until that time. Negotiations are currently in the works for a new sim/site to resurrect Zero Point in 3.0 form. My current work until this occurs can be found at the Excaliber Studios land in Aquitaine sim.