Monday, December 21, 2009

Zero Point ends soon it seems

Due to current financial burdens, my sponsor of the land at Zero Point in Kelham sim will no longer be able to continue any longer and will sell the land by the end of January. I have been offered to buy the land and try and go on myself but I am in no position to cover 125us tier, plus the land, plus Premium account status. So barring divine intervention the next 2-3 weeks mark the final chapter of the Zero Point installation. It's been a grand and long rides folks, thanks for stopping by, may we meet again in some other metaverse.

the ever blue unikitty
Sabine Stonebender

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jayjayzifanwe said...

sorry to hear that Sabine.

But your wonderful works will I am sure continue to be displayed at a lot of spaces in Second Lie.... including UWA