Sunday, October 08, 2006

Diary of a Second Life Artist and Developer

Hidyo, this is the written record to accompany my adventures in the virtual universe known as Second Life.
In this multiverse I am a creator of various works of art using the tools provided within and the external tools of Poser 6 and The GIMP.
In this place I am freed from most physical laws like gravity and can work in media such as plasma and energy that would be nigh impossible in the Physical world. Scripting tools allow for kinetic and immersive works never seen untill now.
I joined back in 2/2/2005 and have developed my building skills to a fair degree of proficiency.
The possiblities for creative expression are nearly limitless, bound only by the limits of the builder's imagination.
I currently have been working on some large scale projects with more on the horizon and will document those works as they take shape. These are often collaborative works requiring the support of several individuals. This is an exciting time since folks like us are creating a new type of art and social interaction with every step.
It is my fondest wish that such creations can be pushed to the level of Fine Art and be accepted as such in the Physical world. Onward =^.^=

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