Friday, March 02, 2007

Happenings in March

Hidyo^^ things at Zeropoint have been evolving nicely as of late. The Second floor additions of the Skygallery and Thundarian terminal have been put into place and the 3rd Floor Vortex chambers are turning out far better than I had planned.
The Sky Gallery is a walking path selection of art I've acquired from others and a selection of my own pieces.Works here will be more abstract or otherworldly in nature than the traditional sculptural works of the ground floor.
The Thundarian terminal is an older build I've dusted off as it was always intended to be a central transport structure. In this case it now hosts the 3rd floor elevator/hyperspace bypass.
The 3rd floor platform houses the Vomit Comet roller coaster and the rapidly growing Vortex Chambers section. This section is very much a work in progress and will likely have several different looks as it evolves, the theme being that of singular meditative halls.The Vomit Comet roller coaster has been a bit touchy and will be single passenger only till I can get a way for it to quit stalling when more than one person gets on board. New cars rez every 59 seconds so its not too bad a wait.Overall ,I've been pleased with its performance in the upper reaches and will likely keep it as a fixture for some time:)
I recently broke my scripting barrier and have begun to delve into coding stuff for greater functionality, which includes adding scalar texture animation to much of the exhibits.Scalar allows for experiments in breathing walls and complex pattern blending previously out of my reach. As I deepen my knowledge expect new and strange things to happen when you click on stuff;)
I had a wonderful meeting with my benefactor Zero Medici and plans are underway to get the lands media stream up and running. Adding music and sound to the place will be an added dimension I've soooo looked forward to.Once this is going I plan to have a few music/dance oriented events to christen the stream as this project was ALWAYS designed to have music as an element.
I will be adding a small teleport/high flight access only kiosk/shop above and beyond the main exhibits with a selection of my works and textures for sale.This will have work never before released, and will be the only place in SecondLife it will be available. I'm intrigued with the notion of a shop that is art unto itself which will be another ongoing idea I'd like to push. My training as a jewelry designer emphasized form and function working in harmony. To this end, a shop that's equally aesthetic and usable will be the aim. The main exhibits will remain non-commercial and public friendly cause that's the way I like it, no mall sprawl ;)
As final note, Flickr updates are on the way so expect to see some snapshots as I get them resized, formatted,etc.

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