Monday, November 10, 2008

Current Affairs

The reconstruction of Zero Point is coming along well. Two new zones have been established high in the sky thanks to the new build height limit of 4096m.
These zones currently known as DevI and Hellish were conceived to be somewhat contrasting in feel and appearance to one another. DevI is a visit to an ethereal
plane of existence where every surface pulses and flows with light.Hellish is a area of raging fires and dark structures. Both areas are somewhat of a test bed and will be evolving over time.
Some elements of the old Zero point have been reconstructed and worked into the fabric of the new. Hellish houses the Thunder Throne which was one of the surviving artifacts.
The original first floor was the only one with enough older backups to reconstruct as it was. I have gone ahead and installed that rebuild for the benefit of visitors wishing to see the old work. Other artifacts from the old Zero Point will eventually find their way into my store in rezzer boxes, most notably the Power Station, Jaguar Maw dungeon, and the first floor itself, which is already for sale.

more to come...

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