Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sabine's Shiniest Somethings- Zero Point Kelham

The new store at Zero Point, Sabine's Shiniest Somethings.
I'm the tiny little glow at the bottom left . This thing is BIG.
100m floors bounded by 150m sphere segments.Upstairs is the showroom, just below is my workshop where you may catch a glimpse of things to come;)
All the space a kitty could ask for to show off her best and brightest work from the past 2 years. The offerings for sale are pretty widely varied as I've made a little bit of everything but there are LOTS of kinetic and animated floors,objects, and artwork you betcha:) The store sits up over 700m above the main exhibits to minimize it's impact in both lag and aesthetics. Access is gained either by the bunnyporters labeled Shopping Platform or by donning your jet pack and going for a trip;)

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