Friday, June 01, 2007

June Updates- New Dynamic camera car for the Vomit Comet

over the months the Vomit Comet has been set up I've noted that some folks had difficulty getting the commands to send it flying working. Sooo I broke down and put together a new script set for it.
It's now more of a rocket sled type propulsion while the chair now fires up a sticky camera for a bit better view of what's going on. Folks now have only to sit down, and off it shoots down the track, no chat commands needed. The current beta of this car is running at Zero Point as we speak and will get tweaks as I have the time (sounds, ride smoothing).

It's getting near time to start cycling some exhibits out, so expect some changes over the coming month as I work up replacements and new content using layering and sculpties.



yhancik said...

oh, great to see you have a blog !

i have to say, i looove Zero Point. I just discovered the vomit comet today, it's great :D

I have a few pics on Flickr :
People seems to love it too ;)

Keep up the good work !

yhancik said...

oops, it doesn't do automatic links :

flickr pics